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Gardenscapes, the New Acres is the Gardenscapes series, and it is the fourth entry in Playrix’s series, and also, the first game structure that is designed particularly for mobile. This gameplay is combined with the precursor has hidden objects among mansion renovating or garden decorating. It is the reproduction of Gardenscapes, but, it offers a bit relaxing game modes, and you can see the progress in each mode.  New Acres has changed the HOG part of the sequence with match-3 levels besides the lines of the curiosity Farmscapes; however, the garden renovation is much better than before.

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In the earlier Gardenscapes game, you might have observed that, in the game, the mansion estate was maintained by Austin, the butler and the game insist you to assist the butler in refurbishing the presently little below than perfect grounds.  The butler’s family has concerned about the land throughout his life, since Austin has several fond memories of that land, and the points it used to brag about have been faded by time and the failure of its previous owner. Earlier, the lawn was taken care perfectly, but now the grass has overgrown, the beautiful, sturdy trees have wilting, and the amazing statues have crumbled and cracked. The Butler, Austin wants to work with you, his dream to work together, the new owner and you and he want you to bring back the lost glory of the mansion.

To make Austin’s dream come true, he makes you focus on certain sections of the extensive garden individually and separates each section into a chain of tasks.  Most of these tasks include the apparent needs, like add benches, plant shrubs, repair the broken fountain, etc. But, at times the tasks will come up instantly as you evolve.  Suddenly, the fountain may break and flood while you are fixing the mountain or suddenly you will see a pile of beetle invasion while setting the tree house. The butler will add and update the tasks as required when the new ideas or problems develop. This game is packed with surprises where you find both bad and good surprises, at the same time it offers loads of thrilling and satisfying experience.

The garden renovation is basically a simple design or building counterfeit, and it is supported by another part of the game, which is the match-3 levels.  To finish the garden tasks, you should utilize stars, for instance, simple tasks such as installing benches needs only one star, and for more concerned tasks such as constructing a Treehouse, it may need around 2 to 3 stars.  You can earn these stars by conquering the match-3 levels; you will get one-star per level. You can store these stars and save as a task-completing currency.

The match-3 levels are comparatively very common for this generation with different twisted boards demanding you to take up different tasks like collecting a particular number of tiles or throwing objects from the top of the board. The creators of the game have done an outstanding job by keeping the match-3 levels on confined point.



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