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Gardenscapes, the New Acres is the Gardenscapes series, and it is the fourth entry in Playrix’s series, and also, the first game structure that is designed particularly for mobile. This gameplay is combined with the precursor has hidden objects among mansion renovating or garden decorating. It is the reproduction of Gardenscapes, but, it offers a bit relaxing game modes, and you can see the progress in each mode.  New Acres has changed the HOG part of the sequence with match-3 levels besides the lines of the curiosity Farmscapes; however, the garden renovation is much better than before.

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In the earlier Gardenscapes game, you might have observed that, in the game, the mansion estate was maintained by Austin, the butler and the game insist you to assist the butler in refurbishing the presently little below than perfect grounds.  The butler’s family has concerned about the land throughout his life, since Austin has several fond memories of that land, and the points it used to brag about have been faded by time and the failure of its previous owner. Earlier, the lawn was taken care perfectly, but now the grass has overgrown, the beautiful, sturdy trees have wilting, and the amazing statues have crumbled and cracked. The Butler, Austin wants to work with you, his dream to work together, the new owner and you and he want you to bring back the lost glory of the mansion.

To make Austin’s dream come true, he makes you focus on certain sections of the extensive garden individually and separates each section into a chain of tasks.  Most of these tasks include the apparent needs, like add benches, plant shrubs, repair the broken fountain, etc. But, at times the tasks will come up instantly as you evolve.  Suddenly, the fountain may break and flood while you are fixing the mountain or suddenly you will see a pile of beetle invasion while setting the tree house. The butler will add and update the tasks as required when the new ideas or problems develop. This game is packed with surprises where you find both bad and good surprises, at the same time it offers loads of thrilling and satisfying experience.

The garden renovation is basically a simple design or building counterfeit, and it is supported by another part of the game, which is the match-3 levels.  To finish the garden tasks, you should utilize stars, for instance, simple tasks such as installing benches needs only one star, and for more concerned tasks such as constructing a Treehouse, it may need around 2 to 3 stars.  You can earn these stars by conquering the match-3 levels; you will get one-star per level. You can store these stars and save as a task-completing currency.

The match-3 levels are comparatively very common for this generation with different twisted boards demanding you to take up different tasks like collecting a particular number of tiles or throwing objects from the top of the board. The creators of the game have done an outstanding job by keeping the match-3 levels on confined point.



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Blitz Brigade Online Tricks

Blitz Brigade Hack for Unlimited Coins and Diamonds For Free

If you look for a Blitz Brigade hack tool to generate diamonds and free coins, you will come across many of them. The real trick is to find a hack with an anti-ban feature. More importantly, it should produce unlimited resources for you to move forward in the game. As you know, diamonds and coins are the premium currencies in this game.

What will be best hack tool do for you?


The best hack tool that promises to produce unlimited diamonds should be user-friendly to use. You should be provided with the requested resources. Only when it is easy to use, you can generate the required resources without any trouble.

Free to use:

Not just user-friendliness, the best hack to generate blitz brigade free diamonds should be free to use. The unlimited resource generation should not just happen easily, but it should happen for free as well.

No rooting or jailbreaking:

In addition, you should be in a position to use the blitz brigade hack without any rooting or jailbreaking of your smartphone. This is something highly important to consider if you wish to continue to get the service from the manufacturer of your mobile phone.

Both desktop and mobile version:

Sometimes, you might play the game through your mobile phone, while in some instances you might play on your desktop. In both these instances, the score hero tool should help you generate the required resources.

Remember that these features make a good generator tool and such a tool will bring the utmost fun in playing the game.

Who is this game for?

If you love shooter games, this game is for you. Blitz Brigade is a first-person shooter video game. The game was developed and was published by Gameloft and was first released on the 9th of May 2013 for Windows, Android, and iOS devices.

How about gameplay?

Let me tell you one thing, there are a couple of campaign modes in this game. They are training mode and multiplayer mode. You have the liberty to play either as a part of the Axis team or as the part of Allies team. When you go into the training mode, you will come across 120 unlockable training missions. In the case of multiplayer mode, it offers domination and deathmatch across 5 levels. Some years after the release of the game, an update was done to add the flag mode to the game. You can play as one of the six unlockable classes. When you use the hack tool, you can use it for generating a couple of in-game currencies and also new weapons. These items normally had to be purchased using cash, but the hack tool can save you from spending money on these purchases.

It is a game with moderate violence and if you wish to download this game application to your Android phone, you should have Android 4.0.3 or higher version of Android Operating System. To enjoy this game to its fullest potential use the best hack tool.

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Taichi Panda: Heroes Cheat Review

Those days are gone, when people used to spend their time by playing 2D games. Today’s gamers play high graphic quality 3D games on their smartphones and enjoy their time by completing all the quests offered by the game. The Taichi Panda: Heroes is a 3D fast paced combat game. It is a role-playing game, developed by Snail Games after a huge success of Taichi Panda. You may find some similarities in both of the games, but Heroes has a unique attraction for the players. It is a massively multiplayer game and it is quite fast-paced, which has a huge entertainment for you.

All the actions of this game take place in a multiverse that expands as you progress ahead. You play the game in a fantasy world of very well-skilled warriors, which come with different special abilities. In the beginning, you will have to choose your warrior. Your fighter will soon upgrade its abilities and collect some special abilities during the gameplay. A guide tour will show some cinematic snippets of your tour and guide you ahead in the game. The upgrading process is quite simple. Just collect the items and get more power. When you collect the items during the battle time, will improve the ability of your fighter. Thus, you get an upper hand on your opponents to beat them on the battle field.
If you do not want to play this game alone, you can group up with other players. Thus, you can take down bosses easily, go through the dungeons without any fear and finish all the quests without taking much time. This game offers better connectivity and incredible adventures, which is quite entertaining. It can surprise you at any time, and that’s what makes it more entertaining as a smartphone MMO.

Graphics and sounds:
The graphics are simply astonishing. People don’t expect such high-quality graphics in a smartphone game, but the developers have done a great job. Every moment in the game will come with unique adventures. Graphics simply improve the quality of the gameplay and the battles become more astonishing. The developer has introduced different sounds for every action in the game. You do not feel bored because high-quality graphics and entertaining sounds improve your excitement all the time. In simple words, we can say that Taichi Panda: Heroes is a perfect treat for combat game fans.
Pros and Cons:
• The 3D graphics of this game are simply astonishing and quite impressive for a smartphone game.
• The battles are quite fast-paced and intuitive.
• You can collect different warriors and switch them during the gameplay to win as many battles as possible.
• This game offers an online arena in which you can fight against real players in real time.
• An entertaining story guides you throughout the game.
The game often seems surprising because some events seem completely unexplained and weird.
All in all we can say that the game is quite entertaining and the number of downloads prove how impressive it is. You should play it, if you love to play combat games with real players online.

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